Pogo Stick Sex Machine

Pogo Stick Sex MachineTaking the excitement of masturbation and intercourse to a whole new level, the Pogo Stick Fucking Machine is a revolutionary system that lets you have imaginative and mind-blowing sex either by yourself or with friends.

Setup and use is simple and, once assembled, you can use the Pogo Stick in various creative and arousing ways. There's even additional mounts (sold separately) that allow for double penetrations and intercourse with more than one participant. You can place it against a wall, a door or on any flat surface and the pogo spring action will keep the dildo thrusting in and out of your vagina or anus. You can also option to have a partner manipulate the Pogo Stick for you while you can engage in other sexual activities.
The Pogo Stick works with the Vac-U-Lock series of dildos (see our related items below for suggested Vac-U-Lock dildos to use). Just apply some lube to your favorite Vac-U-Lock dildo and set it onto the base. The handles are contoured to fit any style grip (single or double handed) to allow for maximum usage.

When you're ready to make masturbation more enjoyable, stimulating and exciting, pleasure yourself with the Pogo Stick

* The Pogo Stick comes nearly assembled with clear assembly instructions.
* Dual handles allow for a variety of ways of grip and manipulation. One handle is adjustable for right grip and height.
* The included manual offers a variety of solo and group positions available.
* Works with vac-u-lock dildos. Use appropriate lube for easy mount of dildo.
* Easy spring action gives the Pogo Stick a satisfying sexual bounce.
* Additional mounts (sold separately) invite double penetration or group events.
* The dildo cradle is adjustable to your distance needs.

Video demo