What are Fucking Machines ?

Quick presentation

Fucking Machine are a device that simulate sexual penetration. Indeed, a dildo is strongly attached to a motor-driven piston to "comes and goes". Some machines don'have any engine and work with the user movements (eg: the famous "Loving Chair" used in our movies).

Comparison between "man / machine"

Even for cheap models, there is no possible comparison! The motorized models are "tireless", don't know mood, and can provide a speed up to 500 RPM! Moreover, they are not jealous!

Can we make ourselves?

It is possible to create your own customized Fucking Machine (with a dilgo, a engine...), but this is very not recommended, because this is potentially very dangerous ... Imagine if the engine cannot stop ?!

Where to buy ?

They are difficult to by in Europe, the best are sold in the USA.

We recommand you the best manufacturer know for its high quality products and serious, the ExtremeRestraints fucking machine sexshop. We also recommand you theses websites : Ken's Twisted Mind and Stockroom. Please, don't hesitate to contact us if have any question or any problem.

The Love Machine

The Love Machine

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